Change Log for 0.6

This page contains the changes in the source code of the version 0.6 (from the GIT repository).

Changes from the GIT Repository

Thu, 23 May 2013 15:02:56 +0200:

  • Prepare for Release 0.6: Add global building scripts for the Janus platform and the Eclipse modules.
  • Prepare Release 0.6: Change the version from 1.0-SNAPSHOT to 0.6 to create a stable version since 1.0 is not ready according to the milestone of the project.
  • Prepare Release 0.6: Apply the coding conventions.
  • Prepare Release 0.6: move the Janus platform and the Eclipse-based modules cannot have the same pom ancestor to avoid compilation problems. Move the Eclipse in a standalone module named 'janus-ui'.
  • Add project names in pom.xml.
  • ">JANUS-168

    • ">JANUS-159

      • ">JANUS-165

        • Move the default Android platform version from 13 to 15.
        • Correction of error in osgi config of acl-demos
        • Merge: cd4e78e 9da0e35 Merge branch 'master' of
        • First attempts to integrate a acl engine and its corresponding demos inside Janus. Homogeniaziation works and cleaning work remains to be done
        • Just adding the right property for the website name inside the welcome message of the kenrel
        • Add a new demos for the simple Agent tutorial showing just how to create two simple communicating agents
        • Fixing unit test failure on serialization tests.
        • Merge: 2b68fff 74c3638 Merge branch 'master' of
        • Add implementation for the cloning of messages.
        • Add unit test for the serialization of the string messages.
        • Add functions to create check points in the platform execution and restore them.
        • Add activation parameters for the kernel agent.
        • Add unit tests for the serialization of the addresses.
        • Add function: createCheckPoint.
        • Adding groupId in pom files of the eclipse ui Updating reference to eclipse ui artifacts in the janus parent pom
        • Homogenization of artifact naming without the '-' in the artifact name in the pom of tycho-eclipse related pom file
        • Merge: ec2ac59 3c56abb Merge branch 'master' of
        • Modif pom config related to the execution of the plugin within eclipse that is no longer necessary for Juno.
        • Complete overhaul of the GUI based on Eclipse with the latest version of tycho
        • Fixing ClassCastException in Janus chat demo when sending a forum message.
        • ">JANUS-167

          • ">JANUS-166

            • The string replied by the address contains "null" when there is no name in the address. The "null" rendering is replaced by an empty string.
            • Change the versions of the maven dependencies.
            • Add the function Role#leaveRole(RoleAddress).
            • Add utility functions in AddressUtil for creating addresses of groups and roles.
            • ">JANUS-156

              • Merge: 8aa4cac ee72401 Merge branch 'master' of
              • Fixing Javadoc
              • Update javadoc for parameter specification in CapacityPrototype
              • Remove all deprecated classes, methods and other related stuffs
              • Update javadoc tags for Maven revision, add FullVersion tag Solve some minor warnings related to deprecated methods
              • Add the Javascript engine.
              • Add the generic parameter of type ScriptExecutionContext to the ScriptedAgent class.
              • Move the contributor descriptions from the groovyengine module to the root pom file.
              • Fixing the generation of the API documentation.
              • Add releaseRole(RoleAddress) in the Role class.
              • The class RubyAgent must not be an abstract class.
              • New snapshot 1.0-SNAPSHOT

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