Change Log for 1.0

This page contains the changes in the source code of the version 1.0 (from the GIT repository).

Changes from the GIT Repository

Thu, 24 Oct 2013 19:53:09 +0200:

  • Prepare for relase 1.0.
  • Use the AFC Maven plugins with version 10.0.
  • Move up the versions of the maven modules.
  • Use AFC Math 10.0.
  • Use AFC Text 10.0.
  • Merge the Jaak's submodules into a single module. Use the AFC Math API.
  • New upstream AFC vmutils 10.0.
  • Merging the kernel's modules into the "kernel" maven module. All the maven submodules of janus-kernel (except kernel, osgi and network) are merged inside the kernel submodule.
  • ">JANUS-148: remove the assembly configuration for the module "janus-kernel".

    • Upgrade the Ruby script interpreter to the version 1.7.4.
    • Upgrade the Python script interpreter to the version 2.7-b1.
    • Upgrade the Lisp script interpreter to the version 1.0.1.
    • Upgrade the Lua script interpreter to the version 3.0-beta1.
    • ">JANUS-148: merge the maven modules of the Janus kernel and of the Jaak engine into a single module for the Janus kernel and a single module for Jaak.

      • Move the meeting scheduler demo into the folder of the network-based demos.
      • Integrate the meeting scheduler demo.
      • Ignore "gen" folder in android projects.
      • Apply the developer guidelines. Fixing all the warnings according to the Eclipse Kepler configuration.
      • Fixing compilation error in ACL module.
      • Fixing the Maven Archetype for CRIO applications to use the correct versions of Janus.
      • First release of the meeting scheduler demo.
      • Merge: 2226625 d1a39fc
      • Merged in lothiraldan/janus/aclengine (pull request #3)
      • Fixing the code of the ZeroMQ pool request according to the developper guidelines and the last updates in the kernel API.
      • Add the ZeroMQ entries in the Janus configuration.
      • Clean the configuration of the Janus chat demo on Android.
      • Update "AndroidManifest.xml" according to the Maven variables.
      • Rename the module "jxta-base" to "network-base" because there is nothing related to JXTA inside.
      • Add a generic parameter to the repository overlookers: the entry type.
      • Demos modules must be bundles and not Jar to create a correct OSGi manifest.
      • Change from "CITAT" to "GITIA"
      • Merge: 6bb9305 bf44266 Merged in lothiraldan/janus/zeromq_network_layer (pull request #4) Conflicts: janus/pom.xml
      • Remove duplicate entries for the contributors.
      • Add accented characters, with a XML/HTML based syntax in the names of the contributors.
      • Update the README.
      • Explain some things on issues in the README.
      • Merge: 50114b9 959a0ed Merge branch 'master' of
      • Update the README to notify the reader that the Janus platform can be used/compile with the JRE/JDK 1.7 only if the application is not an Android application.
      • Update README
      • Update README.
      • Add comment on how to use Janus.
      • Move up to version 1.0-SNAPSHOT.
      • Add zeromq network layer
      • Add meeting scheduler demo
      • Add FIPA propose protocol demo
      • Add fipa propose protocol code
      • Add json and bson encoder
      • Add dependencies for aclengine
      • Add new contributors to root pom.xml
      • Add jackson repository to root pom.xml

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