Janus platform provides features to simulate agent-oriented, organization-oriented, and holonic-oriented systems.


Reasons to move up to Janus

This sessions list several reasons to move up to Janus from another multiagent platform.

Methodology, Metamodel and Model

  • ASPECS: a specification-to-code methodology integrating Janus.
  • CRIO: Janus provides a complete implementation of the organizational metamodel CRIO.
  • Janus natively support holons and recursive agents.
  • Role is first-class object; and it is a behavior and a status at the same time.
  • Agent known-how are defined in capacities and invoked from role behaviors.
  • It is possible to be agent-based and organization-based at the same time.

Development and Coding

  • Janus may run agent-based applications (not organizational).
  • Janus may run organizational applications.
  • Janus is fully compatible with OSGi. Janus modules and tools may be integrated in Eclipse framework.
  • Janus is fully compatible with Maven: easier compilation, and deployment.
  • The same code is used for heavy and light agents. You do not need to maintain two classes.

Deployment and Running

  • Janus is fully compatible with OSGi. Janus modules and tools may be easily launched in an opened environment.
  • Janus uses JXTA to support deployment on a network. It permits to be open and robust.
  • Janus is open source for academic use. See license for details.

Migration details per platform

Janus community provides mapping tables between other multiagent platforms and Janus.

You are welcome to contribute to this section by updated a migration table or providing a new one.

2016-01-24SARL 0.3.1 and Janus are available.
2015-11-30SARL 0.3.0 and Janus are available.
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