Janus Roadmap

VersionDetailsRelease Date
2.1Bug fixes2015-04-29
1.2Bug fixes, freezing of the 1.x branch2014-10-07
2.0Programming Language SARL, complete re-design of the platform, integration in Eclipse IDE2014-04-29
1.1Minor feature enhancement and bug fixes2014-04-29
1.0Simplify the API and the Maven structure, Migration to Android API of Jaak, Performance benchmarks and enhancements,
Change Log
  • Networking: JXTA, ZeroMQ (beta), FIPA/Jade (beta)
  • ACL
  • BDI
  • Major bug fixes

Change Log
0.5Android OS, Eco-resolution, BDI, ACL, Scripting
Change Log
0.4Network support with JXTA, GUI improvement
Change Log
0.3First public release
Change Log
2016-01-24SARL 0.3.1 and Janus are available.
2015-11-30SARL 0.3.0 and Janus are available.
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