Teaching Activities with Janus

This page is devoted to the teaching activities that are using Janus.

It is strongly encouraged to use the Forums to exchange informations and discuss on teaching issues.

Please read the license attached to each document before using or changing it. A major part of the provided documents are under the Creative Common license, but several others are not.

Slides for Seminars and Lectures

  • Janus and JaakPDF (by St├ęphane Galland): these slides are written for engineer students of the UTBM. They present several principles related to the development of a multiagent platform. They also list the main features of the Janus and Jaak platforms.

Laboratory Works

This section gives a collection of materials for laboratory works, which are based on the Janus platform.

VI51: Virtual Life Simulation

The lecture VI51, by St├ęphane Galland at the UTBM, has the goals to explain and give the understanding of the concepts and the tools that are required to create virtual human simulations with and without interaction with a human user. The focus is put on the behavioral models instead of the geometric and graphical models. The studied simulation models are inside the subclass of real-time simulation models.

The following documents and source codes are used during the lab works of lecture. They are written for sessions of 3 hours, each.

CAUTION: If the file pom.xml is provided in the source file, the given sources were compiled with the Maven tool (even for the Android sources). We recommend to use Maven to avoid too much manual configurations in this case.

CAUTION: The Android sources were compiled with API 15 (see the file pom.xml for configuration details).

Description Subject and Skeleton Answers
Swing Android
Lab Works 2: Create agents that are pursuing the mouse cursor when they are perceiving it. Subject
swing.tar.gz android.tar.gz
Lab Works 3: Create agents that are moving together in a coordinated way. Subject
swing.tar.gz android.tar.gz
Lab Works 5: Create agents that are learning how to capture a prey. Subject
swing.tar.gz android.tar.gz
2016-01-24SARL 0.3.1 and Janus are available.
2015-11-30SARL 0.3.0 and Janus are available.
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